Rüniverse Points Rewards

You can earn Rüniverse Rewards points in a few different ways. Check out more details below.

Discovery iconOpen a pack and discover a new uncommon card for 100 rewards points, or discover a rare for 200! 

YouTube iconCreate a YouTube video about Rüniverse to earn 250+ rewards points!

singles rewards

Choose any discovered card you need for your deck or collection! CORE neutral cards and mages can be redeemed as commons.

Star Variant Singles Rewards

Bling out your deck with Star Variants of your favorite cards! Each SV Mage Set includes all 12 CORE mages of the facet you choose.

Promo Singles Rewards

Each Deluxe 8 Starter ($59.99) includes one of these super-special, alternate-art cards. But you can compete your collection with your reward points! More alt-art promos will be added over time.

Special Rewards

Each 2-Player Starter Set includes all the counters two players need to play, but you can upgrade your counters from cardstock to 2mm cardboard punchouts with this reward.

Claim your points—and then spend them on the rewards below—by contacting Andrew at Silent7SevenGames at gmail. To discover a new card, you’ll need to purchase packs at The Game Crafter and hope to find a card that hasn’t already been discovered, as seen in the Rüncyclopedia. Email a picture of the new cards, and include the shipping address city and date of your purchase to verify.

To claim points for a YouTube video, email a link to your content. Each eligible video will earn a minimum of 250 points, but additional points may be granted to reward videos that go above and beyond. Some ideas for content include pack openings, fan art drawings, deck techs, strategy tips, and battle videos. If you have an idea for a type of content that is not a YouTube video, feel free to ask whether it would be eligible for rewards points! Silent7Seven Games reserves the right to deny rewards points to any videos that include adult content or offensive material or are on a channel that includes such content—at the sole discretion of Silent7Seven Games. In addition, “low-effort” content may be excluded from rewards. Each creator is eligible to redeem points for up to one video per two weeks.

To redeem reward points, you must spend 500 at a time. Shipping will be paid within the contiguous U.S. by Silent7Seven Games. Outside that region, you will be responsible for shipping charges. For shipping estimates, contact Silent7SevenGames at gmail ahead of time. Covering shipping costs with addition rewards points is a possibility.